Spruce Meadows
2017 International Christmas Market
2017 Insane Inflatable 5K
2017 HorsePower Classic Car Event
2017 The Masters (Sept)
Rotary Mattamy Parkway
2017 AKC Summer Classic
2017 Rugged Maniac Run
2017 N. American (July)
2017 The National (June)
2017 Garden Show (April)
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Welcome to Parking Volunteers@Spruce Meadows@Chinook Rotary Club

Throughout the year, Chinook Rotary Club volunteers assisted by Partner organizations are at Spruce Meadows and other Events to manage visitor parking.
Proceeds from these volunteer activities are used by Chinook Rotary (and Partner organization) in support of community activities.
Confirmed Events for 2017 are:
The Garden Show April 29 - 30
The National June 7 - 11
The North American July 5 - 9
Rugged Maniac Run July 29
AKC Summer Classic August 4 - 7
Rotary Mattamy Parkway Grand Opening September 2
The Masters September 6 - 10
HorsePower Classic Car Event September 15 - 16
Insane Inflatable 5K September 23
International Christmas Market November 17-19
  November 24 - 26
  December 01 - 03
Spruce Meadows is wholly owned and operated by the Southern Family. The dream of the Southern Family from the start was to create a unique environment of “good friendship, good commerce and good sport”. This dream has been shared from its genesis by a committed group of corporations, volunteers, media, athletes, staff, fans and officials. Together these stakeholders have shaped the dream and built a most memorable place.
(from Spruce Meadows website)
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