2018 - 2019 Rotary International Theme for our new
President George Kimura to work under
Editors Note       by Stephen Pick
As many of you know, Anne and I were in Toronto to attend the  Rotary RV Fellowship AGM and rally, as well as attending the Rotary International Convention, and fitting in a quick side trip to Ottawa and Montreal.  A just under 4 week trip of 8000 km and 1750 litres of diesel.  More on the Convention and on Rotary Fellowships in future editions.
As a result of this absence, the ARCH has not been published.  The Club's dedicated scribes continued to take notes, and our photographer George took MANY photographs.  
So here is the ARCH in an electronic format so you can all catch up.  The plan is to have a print ARCH on the tables next week covering the first two meetings under President George.
The plan (under development) is to use this electronic format more often in future, so your comments to improve and expand this e-newsletter would be appreciated.  Club Runner has great tools to do this, it is just a case of learning how to use them.  
Finally, as we just got back I have not had the time to edit the scribe notes fully for typos etc, so it is what it is.
So this issue is longer than normal as it would only normally cover one meeting, so keep that in mind when commenting.  We really need and want your input to evolve this into an effective communication tool for the Club.  So send your input to
Finally, if you have a desire to get involved in working on this electronic newsletter let me know and we can devise a plan to share out the workload.  Check out the "Bulletin Designer" on Club Runner.  It really is as easy or as complex as you want to make it.
Minutes of June 12, 2018            Scribe: Ian Burgess
The meeting  was called to order by President Alex Soutar at 12:15 pm.
The President notified the attendees that this was a club assembly being held to verify and discuss information distributed with respect to "waiver" requirements from Spruce Meadows regarding our parking agreement with them.
Visiting guests and Rotarians included only Don Taylor from South Calgary. He received our usual guest's welcome.
Bob Montgomery offered to order Stampede Shirts for any club members who wished them.
George Kimura, President Elect, announced that Bart was not too well and was even looking to surrender the chair of the program committee, if a suitable candidate can be found.
A date with the Okotoks Dawgs was announced by Terry Green. The price for the usual seating and steak dinner was announced as $37. We will need between 20 and 40 guests to make it work. (Confirmation by July 17/18, please!)
Anthony as Foundation Chair, presented Paul Harris Fellowships to Paul Gaudett (courtesy of Gwynneth Gourley) and to Al Pettigrew (+6).
Joe Hooper on behalf of the club members who helped parking at the official opening of the new Atco buildings on Crowchild Trail presented the cheque for $1500 from Atco.
Sunshine committee report from Pat Hutchinson was that Bart was awful, with a lung infection. He had started some new medicine and felt better and hoped to return next week. (The truth is he showed up at the President's dinner and wowed us with his one-liners!)
50/50 draw was won by Albert Amaniampong. (Sergeant at Arms was cancelled!) 
Last week's speaker was acknowledge by a number of members as having made an exceptional presentation.
As there was no guest speaker, the Chair dismissed guests and those who were not involved with our discussion of the Spruce Meadows request  of a Volunteer Waiver from Calgary Chinook Volunteer members. 
President  Alex asked the members to make their comments or ask their questions re more information on the subject of the waiver. 
Tammy Truman and Bill Stemp were asked to take the podium to answer questions posed by the members.
Hank asked about the risk to the members. Tammy pointed out that the member is injured personally the responsibility falls on him or her alone. Spruce Meadows is denying any liability. (Rotary's Master policy does give some small coverage.)
Rhea wanted to discuss the waiver and whether defining the scope of our activities would or could modify our need to sign the waiver. 
Bill suggested that if you signed the waiver you were on your own.
Dave asked who wrote the waiver, and why now after our forty plus years of no actions nor claims. He was advised, that although not Rotary actions, SMs insurers had 26 law suits last year. 
Several members made the broad statement that waivers were a fact of life. Jim Hennessy observed that insurance was available but at considerable cost. Garth S suggested that Linda Southern required individual policies, not group.
Lew Christie questioned whether there were other ways to deal with SM.
Joe Hooper commented on his association with SM since '82 and noted that other groups that worked with us were prepared to sign, including Red Deer Lake and some others. Joe included himself in those willing to take the risk.  Al Holt raised the issue that the Club would need a similar waiver from any members who signed the Spruce Meadows one and worked on the grounds representing Rotary Chinook, otherwise the club would now be open to lawsuits, etc.
There is some risk at other things we do. However there was some indication that the club would like to try to explore some avenue for us to work with SM still available.
The Chair adjourn the meeting at 1:35pm having heard from most of the club members present, individually.  Alex said he would discuss further steps with the Board and the executive. 
By all reports a great time was had by all.  Hope the photos tell 1000 words as we received no notes on the event.
Minutes of June 19, 2018    Scribe: Ian Burgess
The meeting was called to order by President Alex Soutar at 12:15 pm.  There were 42 members in attendance.
The President announced that, in lieu of a speaker, we would have a presentation by The Rocky Mountain Fiddlers. 
Guests introduced by Neil Beatty.  They were Pat Breaker , Pat and Sally Wierzba and Murray Flagel. 
Induction of  Pat Wierzba was begun by Hank Popoff, who gave a detailed outline of his meeting with the Wierzbas in Scotland when they were working in the European oil patch. Now that he is retired and his family grown, Pat and Sally agree that Rotary is a good route to follow in paying back for some of the good fortune that has befallen them. Pat and Sally have been married 45 years and live in Calgary now.
Paul Gaudette read the "charge" to the incoming member and President Alex welcomed him into the Chinook Rotary club.
As minute men the following addressed the club:
1. Paul Gaudette - There is an event at Challenger Park at which a small number of volunteers are needed. 
2. Rhea Graham noted that sponsors were needed for the Space Camp
3. Rob Wolfson, took up two minutes:
- Next networking meeting on 28 June at the Limerick Pub
- He asked us to thank Bev as she presented the club with a foundation check of $8685.
- The playoff pool was now available for final payout-
- $285 Kim Kolt club friend
- $75 Paul Gaudette  
- $214 S. Bickham
4. George announced that next year's committee list would be circulated for members to sign up for their preferred committee(s)
5. Pat Hutchinson reported that Bart was well and here to introduce our program 
The next item of business before our program was the Sergeant At Arms.  Bill Stemp started by fining himself a dollar. Then Pat Wierzba for beating Ian at putting (Ian paid!). Bart was fined a dollar for having John laughing so hard at the President's dinner.  A number of members (Joe &  George) and then the whole membership were fined . Good news : Paul recommended the current presentation at Rosebud theatre. Fred and May Jessie were off to New Orleans. 
Bart then got up and introduced the Prairie Mountain Fiddlers who proceeded to entertain us for the next 40 minutes. 
Alex thanked the fiddlers and adjourned the meeting just after 1:30 pm
Minutes of June 26, 2018    Scribe: Sydney Richmond 
President Alex opened his last meeting on time as he usually did.
Greeters, one of whom sat down on the job, were Joe Hooper and Jim Hennessy and they didn’t have any guest to introduce.
The menu this week was a salad and “Coq au Vin” and this drew many comments as I hate to say some didn’t know what that was and I was spelling correctly. Some of you need to get out more to places other than the Golden Arches!
Alex told us that as yet he hasn’t heard from Spruce Meadows - so we hang in limbo.
Terry Green told us the latest to sign up for the Dawgs is July 17 with the maximum number of our group is 40.
Dave Wylie told us in no uncertain terms to be VERY careful when opening our emails. Phone our provider for help or to report all problems.
George K asked for more members to sit on the committees - there really is no excuse not to.
There is NO Stampede breakfast at the Carriage House this year. ???why
Apparently none of our members are under the weather this week.
Peter Bickham reported that all the money sent to Mexico was very well spent and accounted for. $108,000 has been sent to South Africa but has yet to be used.
John Charrett told us all about the youth program over the past year which has been very successful. Over the past 20 years there has been a partnership with Fairview Junior high school and mentoring for some students. Sponsoring Interact clubs in schools is important. The annual Youth dinner drew 90 people of which 29 were guests. A big Thank You goes to Rhea Graham for all her hard work and also to Dean White of Roots2STEM for his support.
The Foundation was Anthony Tonkinson’s topic. Here I think my mind wandered a bit - he spoke about Get Well measures - treating malaria and worms which is endemic in the third world. Polio has 1 case in Venezuela, 1 in Pakistan and 7 in Afghanistan. We are almost there!  Jack Steen was presented with his Paul Harris pin +8  which is the highest level.
Alex almost smiled when telling us it was his last meeting as President. He thanked everyone especially Connie and Bev. His highlights were completing 20 out of 23 projects, the networking at Limericks and we have 7 new members this Rotary year.  
Well done Alex! Welcome to George.
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