Welcome to the Clubrunner Event
Sign Up Tutorial
Chinook Club members should be logged into Clubrunner while signing up for Parking or other Events
You can recover your password or change your login name using the Password Recovery link here: PasswordRecovery
Just enter your Last name and Email Account to receive instructions
  1. Click on the Parking or Event name/date in the lefthand column
  2. Find the Shift date and location, a green dot means the shift is full, a yellow dot means there are still vacancies
    On the right hand side, the Green Sign Up bar shows where Parkers are still needed
  3. Click on the Green Sign Up bar
  4. You can now sign up for a non member OR for yourself
    For a non member: Fill in ALL the fields
    For a Member: click on MYSELF and find your name on the drop down list, all required information will be added for you.
  5. Click on SAVE or SAVE and BOOK ANOTHER
  6. An email will automatically be sent to your email AND to the Event Captain
When STUFF happens:
Sometimes your plans change - family, personal, work, etc
You can return to the sign up page and Remove your sign up
- You and the Event Captain will receive an email confirming this
However, please make any changes as soon as you can to allow the Event Captain to make alternative arrangements, shift other volunteers around, find a replacement etc